Personal Development Course

540 €

The personal development course is held ON-LINE and includes 24 school hours of live education!

Register for the Course by e-mail also and send your – name, surname and address 

All sessions are held via Zoom. I will record whole session and it will be available on your account.

Who am I?

My name is Anita Luis and I am a coach, spiritual healer and a teacher giving you higher knowledge and energy support, practical solutions and exercises. I have more than 15 years experience in Croatia and Southeastern Europe and I want to give my knowledge to the world. I have 2 Youtube Channels, in Croatian and English

On my channels you can watch personal development videos, listen free relaxing guided meditations and participate in free live sessions. This is a happy place where you will find love, wisdom, joy, high vibrations, inspiration, free guided meditations… You will learn how to manage your subconsciousness and move into higher level of existence, manifest your goals, align with your soul, live your supreme life. Be the best version of your self! Constantly change, strive for the better with ease and joy, allow yourself to bliss in this world, allow yourself the abundance, love and appreciation. Be who you truly are! Trust Life and be the Creator of your beautiful life. Find inner peace & relax.

More about this Course

– you can ask questions and immediately get solutions,

– you can experience channeling messages and energy healing

– you will experience life changing positivity, wisdom, expansion of consciousness

– you will experience immediate manifestations and you will feel at ease

– every problem, every challenge has a solution that I’m leading you towards

– you will grow your self-esteem and self love

– you will feel empowered to take action and see manifestation and miracles in your life

– you will learn to hear your intuition, get in touch with your best self, learn about your life purpose

– you will learn to focus energy on healing and manifesting – energy management – energy healing

– you will activate your abundance

– learn my simple efficient technique to change beliefs and improve mindset

– improve your social life and relationships

– unblock your mind and emotions, let go of old pain, heal wounded child and fly towards your success


The course is held in 8 live meetings, every other Saturday from 4 to 6 pm UK time

Saturday November 19th 2022120 minutes
Saturday December 3rd 2022120 minutes
Saturday December 17th 2022120 minutes
Saturday January 7th 2022120 minutes
Saturday January 14th 2022120 minutes
Saturday January 28th 2022120 minutes
Saturday February 11th 2022120 minutes
Saturday February 18th 2022120 minutes

Time Zones

5 pm to 7 pm Amsterdam

9 am to 12 am New York

7 am to 9 am Los Angeles

8 pm to 10 pm Emirates

We accept payments with all credit/debit cards and PayPal, and those who wish can also make payments directly to our account:

Bank Information for Direct payment

Anita Zugec

Avenida Ernesto Sarti 14, 38660 Torviscas – Adeje, Tenerife, Spain

IBAN: ES74 2100 6938 8802 0016 3911


Caixa Bank

For additional inquiries and help you can always reach our support via e-mail or phone / Viber at
+385 95 355 1400


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